My Story

Welcome! My name is Crystal and I have been with Scentsy, 6 years! I fell in love with the products after first purchasing the warmer Jane and the scent Pumpkin Marshmallow. I watched this warmer melt wax in a way that wasn’t harmful to my family, my pets and me! Then I smelt how the fragrance carried throughout the room. Who doesn’t love a good smelling home or office. This amazing warmer brightened my day each day, made me feel relaxed, looked great with my decor and there was never a moment where the scent did not linger, capturing the attention of another person inquiring and admiring the value Scentsy provided me. That’s when I knew, I needed more!
I joined Scentsy as a way to make a little extra money during a time of financial stress (other than feeding my addiction to the product) I did not plan on anything more than a few dollars to pay the bills. Being a part of Scentsy has given my family and me a better life at personal and financial freedom! Have you ever experienced happiness in way that is indescribable, you smile at the thought of being so happy and you cry tears of joy when you think of how happy you are! Scentsy is that happiness. Scentsy has blessed my family and me with their products, the fun opportunities, people we meet, friendships we make, places we go but most importantly Scentsy brought out the best of me I never knew existed through personal growth and development, all of this has given me so much more value than I could ever dream of!

My mission is to bring you that same value and happiness Scentsy has given me through their products and teamwork!

If you have the same love for Scentsy products, want to grow personally and financially, make new friends, earn rewards then we must talk about the benefits Scentsy offers when you join my team and together we can change lives!!